The guest experience does not start in the queue line and end in the gift shop. 



For far too long destination and amusement entertainment has been built on the premise of choosing what types of attractions rather than understanding the right type of guest experience. eXP Maven was created to provide the tools, knowledge, and experience to transform the attractions selection process into an informed, purpose-driven plan.

Giant Wheels
Special Effects
Water Parks
Interactive Experiences
Interactive Experiences
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4 Levels of Customer Engagement

We work with every type of owner-operators and assist on every level data analysis

No Data

Level One

A tailored consulting program for operators who are currently collecting limited or no data at all. We can develop a program through the eXP Matrix to harness data collection and analytics power.

Ops eXP

Level Two

The program begins with an audit of current operational data to drive greater efficiencies and adaptive decision making at the most granular level of operations.

Guest eXP

Level Three

Fill guest experience gaps left by standard operating analytics with next-generation data collection and guest mapping using our Experiential Quotient Analysis.

A.I. eXP

Level Four

Automate real-time operational efficiency, identify future needs of guests, fills the experiential gap with targeted learning recommendations.

Mobile work

Additional Services


Procurement Consultation & Evaluation

With hands-on design and delivery experience of over $1.2 billion USD in global amusement attractions development, coupled with decades of experience with industry top suppliers, eXP Maven has the capabilities and expertise to analyze your business concept or destination at its most fundamental levels. At eXP Maven, we combine our insights and skills to transform your processes and strategies into real-world success.

Experiential Quotient Analysis

Developed and commercialized by eXP Maven, the eXPeriential Quotient is the application of computational learning systems to analyze a destination at its most relevant level – guest experience. eXP Maven can provide an audit of any planned or current attraction mix that will measure your eXPeriential Quotient to guide operations to identify future and emerging trends and deliver an Experience Matrix that details maximum guest engagement.

Strategic Planning Services

Whether considering a standalone addition to an existing park or planning a whole new experiential destination, a collaborative session with eXP Maven can provide relevant guidance to produce results for the changing needs of today's guests. Services include safety planning, technical guidance, sourcing lead times, international purchasing, warranty negotiations with manufacturers, and international importing consultation.

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